Eye Examinations
The eye examination lies at the heart of our practice and we are proud to offer appointments of 40 minutes to both private and NHS patients. We are happy to accept new patients at any time, of any age. At Bradford we are also a registered practice on the local Glaucoma Monitoring Scheme. For more information on our eye examinations click here
Contact Lenses
Benefitting from our Optometrist providing all contact lens appointments we are able to offer an exceptionally high standard of contact lens care. Whether you have never worn lenses before and would like to try or have worn lenses for years, you are welcome to attend an obligation free consultation to discuss pricing and options. Fittings, assessments and aftercare appointments are all available.
Dispensing Consultations

We stock and supply a huge choice of frames and lenses, allowing us to offer something to suit every need. Whether you require varifocals, bifocals, distance glasses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, safety spectacles, trifocals or even prescription swimming goggles we will be able to help. Our qualified optical assisstant and optometrist can provide a professional, yet personal service - from choosing the frame to suit to ensuring they fit comfortably and correctly on collection. We can provide dispensing consultations not only to patients who have attended for an eye examination with us but also to those who have an up-to-date spectacle prescription from elsewhere.


Our range of spectacle frames and lenses are outlined here

Red eye/Ocular Emergency Assessments
We strongly advise attending the hospital eye service if a serious problem arises with your eyes. However, if your eyes feel sore, red, itchy, gritty or your vision doesn't feel to the usual standard, perhaps your eyelids feel uncomfortable or you've noted something you haven't before. We are happy to view and offer a professional opinion on any minor ocular problems and manage as appropriate, whether that be review/treatment within practice or referral to an appropriate medical professional.