We can cater to all lens needs and are always happy to give quotes on any lens type or form. Straight forward single vision lenses, bifocals, varifocals and high powered lenses are all available. Anti-reflection coatings, tints of all colours and the latest photochromic (colour changing) technology (Transitions and Sunsensors) can be added if required. We also stock all lenses in plastic or glass and can offer "high index" lenses, which thin down even the highest prescriptions.

Lens Types


Single Vision

Whether focussing at near, distance or somewhere in between single vision lenses can be made for all purposes.



The most popular solution for those requiring lenses for far distances and reading is to wear varifocals. The top of the lens starts with a full distance correction and focus gradually moves closer as you work down the lens to your full reading correction near the bottom. This gradual progression incorporates all middle distances so people using computers or reading dashboards often find them particularly useful



The original alternative to two pairs of specs, bifocals are essentially two lenses in one, the top half of the lens is traditionally for clear distance vision and the bottom half is for reading. A line is visible on the lens splitting these two focal distances. This visible line can be made less obvious with different lens/reading segment shapes or appropriate coatings.


Speciality lenses - Trifocals, Saftey Specs, Swimming Goggles, Shooting Lenses, Sports Glasses and more

Specialised lenses like the above can always be ordered to everyone's prescription. If you can think of something you need glasses for we can solve that problem.

Trifocals are a more complex version of a bifocal with an additional area - most commonly for intermediate or computer use.

Safety Glasses can be made to suit any requirement with varying frame designs and lens materials and technologies providing protection from high velocity impacts, corrosive chemicals or even high temperature welding.

Swimmers often think it's contact lenses or a hazy blur, not so! We can get prescription goggles to suit anyone at cheaper than you may expect.

Shooting lenses may not sound specialised but due to the distances from the eye to a shooting aperture being much further than that from eye to spectacles, prescriptions must be appropriately adjusted. Dependant on age and scope/sight type some people need to be focussed at the target some at the foresight. Specialist cutting equipment is often required to create a lens sufficiently sized but we charge no more than standard lenses for this service!

Sports and glasses don't always mix. Lenses may steam up, frames may break or fall off, or a spec lens may be at a different distance - changing effective prescription. We can work with you to indentify your problem and solve it.




Hard/Scratch Resistant Coating

This does what it says on the tin... for minimal cost your lens will be made stronger and less likely to pick up those annoying scratches


Anti-Reflection Coating

Designed to reduce unwanted glare and minimise secondary/ghost images from bright lights many people find this most useful with bright VDU screens or car headlights. This coating also makes your glasses a lot less obvious, reflections back from the lenses which other people see are minimised - every spectacle wearer on TV has this coating to hide camera and lighting reflections. All of our anti-reflection coatings come inclusive of the hard coat.


Hydrophobic Coating

A relatively new development; this coating makes water and grease run off a lens surface which makes it very smudge resistant. It also makes lenses steaming up a thing of the past!


Photochromic Lenses

Transitions/Sunsensor lenses react with the UV in the atmosphere to change your lenses from clear to sunglass tints in less than 20 seconds. They also provide full protection from harmful UV light.



We can tint any lens to almost any colour and to any depth. From a dark grey to the lightest of pinks we can suit all tastes/requirements. We can also provide polarised tints.


Hi-Index Lenses

The higher the index, the thinner a lens is. A standard lens has a 1.5 index, we can source lenses up to the highest scientifically possible indices of 1.74 in plastic and 1.9 in glass. Increasing the index of your lens material can reduce it's thickness and weight and despite this can even make your lens physically stronger.


Hi-Definition Varifocals

Some varifocals create distortion to the far periphery of the lens. Distortions can be minimised and reading areas massively increased by using different lens designs. These designs put the varifocal progression on both the front and back surfaces of the lens and are often tailor made not only to your prescription but also to your height, lifestyle and even hand dominance!