Just for kids


Why should the grown ups get all the best stuff?




Over the last couple of years we have massively increased our range of glasses for kids big and small. We've got loads of comfy and hard wearing specs for the little ones and are happy to fit children of any age. These days most kids seem to love glasses but even those who aren't sure will be impressed by our colourful character frames, for the girls there's Disney princess, Frozen, Peppa Pig and loads of pretty and sparkly specs.











For the boys we have Batman, Superman (and brand new Batman vs Superman), Star Wars, Marvel Avengers and for the footy fans not only cool football frames but now brand new official England frames.











As they get older not all kids want cartoon characters on their specs (I still do), for those who don't we have loads of edgy styles, bold colours and top designer names. We currently have in stock Kangol, Bench, Crosshatch and GoldDigga kids frames plus some amazing styles from independent designer Wolf Eyewear.


Not only do we pride ourselves on keeping a great range of specs for kids we also love having the very newest stuff... in 2015 we were one of the first opticians world wide to stock Frozen frames, pre-ordering them on their day of release and having them arrive on the very first day available - the run was so popular the supplier sold out nationwide and the majority of opticians had to wait another 5 months before seeing them! In 2016 we did exactly the same with the brand new Disney Princess and Marvel Avengers frames, placing our order on the first day of release at the UK's biggest optical show. Last year we were also privileged to be amongst the first in the country to view exclusive prototypes of Minion frames, over 6 months before their release. Who knows what exciting stuff this year holds... watch this space!

All of our kids specs are guaranteed for free replacement or repairs... so no matter how many times your kids break, bend, twist, stand on, eat or lose their glasses there'll be nothing to pay.


Alan has always worked with kids; from teaching sports, crafts and languages at Summer camps to working part time at a children's hospital during his training, on to being the paediatric optometrist at his last practice and now having two of his own kids to contend with. We try and keep every exam fun, interesting and friendly for all ages and have plenty of gadgets and testing methods to suit every child.


We think it's never too early to have your child's eyes examined and we routinely see children under a year old! By the age of 3 kids are getting ready for School so exams are even more important at this stage, we also find tests can be a lot more accurate at this age... sometimes! 









Waiting and choosing


We always keep waiting times at an absolute minimum - taking patients in before their allotted time in over 90% of bookings. If you do have to wait a while though our Leeds and Bradford waiting areas have a selection of kids books to choose from, we have free wi-fi to jump your phone/tablet onto... plus if you can find our secret castle there's plenty of colouring to do. At Harrogate we have our children's 'garden' with Duplo to build with and funny specs to try on. Every child is different, some like to be left alone to try every frame in the shop, some like to stay with what they know, some like to be helped every step of the way... whichever way works best for you and your child is fine with us. With handheld mirrors and our child level castle or garden mirrors they'll be able to find what they're after!

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