Eye Examinations (see here for what's changed following COVID-19)
The examination is the most important part of any visit to the opticians. A thorough examination provides an insight not only into your vision and ocular health but also gives an important view into your general health as a whole. This is why we allow at least 40 minutes for every examination, many cases simply can't be rushed. Each eye examination is personally tailored to your needs and will differ between every patient. Separate tests are carried out depending on the history of your eyes, previous findings, clinical findings during the examination and predisposing risk factors to various ocular conditions. Read on if you'd like to know more about what we do and why we do it...
Ocular Health
How healthy are your eyes? It's not a question we often ask ourselves, in an age where more and more of us are taking an interest in healthy living, with visits to the gym and a constant 'eye' on nutrition, our eyes themselves are often overlooked. This is despite surveys showing visual impairment is the majority of people's greatest health fear. During our routine examination we will look for early signs of any problems which may arise within the eye. We examine for common conditions such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and rarer conditions like retinitis pigmentosa, keratoconus and may more. It is estimated that 80% of blindness in the world could be avoided, either by regular check ups, treatment or appropriate surgery. But eye problems aren't always this serious, many people attend complaining of gritty, dry, tired, ithcy or watery eyes. Sometimes the vision just isn't quite as sharp as it used to be. These complaints shouldn't be suffered in silence and are often easily cured. Whether an eye condition is minor or serious we will take the time to explain and discuss it with you and manage each condition appropriately. 
General Health
So your vision's fine and your eyes feel perfect, why come for an examination? Many eye conditions don't create symptoms until irreversible damage is caused, making regular examinations always of paramount importance. Not only that but your eyes can give an invaluable insight into your vascular and neurological health. Through routine examination of the anterior and posterior eye, along with assessment of extraocular muscles, pupillary reflexes and visual fields we can pick up signs of high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and even tumours. Early detection of any health issues greatly improves prognosis and treatment options. For some people it can be worrying to wonder what we may find during the examination, but please be reassured that the majority of patients we see are as fit as a fiddle and often leave with their mind at ease. Also, bear in mind any underlying health conditions you may have are present whether they've been found and diagnosed or not, again, early detection is always the best treatment.
Vision and Spectacles
Of course most people attend for an examination simply to have their vision checked or to find some new glasses. This is an equally important part of the examination to any health checks and we will work hard to ensure we make the most of your vision. Through retinoscopy and careful, unrushed, subjective refraction (1 or 2... better or worse... with or without...) we will make sure you leave with the clearest sight possible. Visit our spectacles page for more information.