We are pleased to be able to offer patients contact lenses to suit every eye. We can cover a huge range of prescriptions and needs including single vision and multi focal prescriptions, toric lenses for astigmatic patients, bespoke made to measure lenses for those trickier prescriptions and even cosmetic lenses to make a real impression with.
Lenses are available in hard or soft materials to suit individual eyes and tailored replacement schedules are available from daily lenses for the occasional wearer to monthly or even annual replacements.
Wether you currently wear lenses, fancy trying them for the very first time or have had trouble with lenses in the past we can offer a no obligation assessment. During this check we will find which lens type works best for you and ensure you are safe and confident at handling and caring for your lenses. We do not rush these appointments, routinely giving patients several hours of proffessional time.

Contact Lenses


Fed up with glasses? Always wanted to try contacts? Already wearing lenses? Or just fancy a change? There are lots or reasons to visit us for a no obligation contact lens trial...